How Raila Odinga Forsook the Late Onyango Oloo During His Dire Times of Need

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The Late Onyango Oloo/Photo Courtesy

The death of Political Activist Onyango Oloo continues to elicit mixed reactions among Kenyans who knew him during his prime days. A Number of activists have also shared their thoughts and prayers with Oloo’s family during this trying times.

One of them is Miguna Miguna who has lost a friend in Onyango Oloo.

It will be remembered that just a few days ago, Miguna Miguna offered Onyango Oloo 15 copies of his new book, Treason; The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades for his life-long revolutionary contributions.

Onyango Oloo would later die in Nakuru on Sunday Night where he had travelled to to pick the gifts Miguna Miguna sent him from Canada.

Confirming his death, Onyango Oloo’s sister confirmed that he died in Nakuru and did not get to hold the books Miguna Sent him.

“Please hold our hands in this time of need and give OO (Onyango Oloo) a befitting send off. Thank you so much for your love and support. Unfortunately the Miguna books that brought him here were never to reach him. To any he might have rubbed the wrong way, we ask for forgiveness on his behalf,” the sister wrote in an email sent to friends and activists.

Miguna Miguna has sent his message of condolences to the late Onyango Oloo’s family. He has blamed the Kenyan Government for his (Onyango Oloo) death.

“My condolences to the family of Comrade (David) Onyango Oloo. I have just now received information this moment, 6.03am, Toronto time.

I hold the criminal state of Kenya responsible for his suffering and death.

May God rest his soul in peace,” Said Miguna.

Miguna has disclosed how Oloo was arrested at theVoi Station in August 1982 after being falsely accused of sedition and jailed for 15 years for an essay he had written for his University of Nairobi History Program.

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File Picture of Onyango Oloo being taken to court after the 1982 attempted coup/Picture Courtesy of the Nation

He later fled into exile in 1986.

Sedition is conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

Miguna has also disclosed how together with people like Kamonji Wachira and Former Chief Justice they tried to help Onyango Oloo during times of his dire need while people like Raila Odinga did not do anything despite being extremely wealthy.

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Raila Odinga is arrested after the 1982 coup attempt: He would be in and out of prison for a total of seven years. [File/Standard]
“While patriots like Kamonji Wachiira, Willy Mutunga and I tried to help Oloo during times of his dire need especially in the last few years when he fell ill, prominent architects of the 1982 coup attempt like Raila Odinga never raised a finger even though they are extremely wealthy,” Said Miguna.

Mr Oloo was among the first batch of students to be arrested following the 1982 coup attempt which had Raila Odinga as one of the main man architects.

He was sentenced on November 1, 1982 to 15 years in prison, five for each count he was convicted of, namely: being in possession of subversive literature and two counts of subversion. The sentences ran concurrently.

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