Senator Ledama Drags the Treasury into MPs,Senators Supremacy Battle

Photo: CS Henry Rotich

The National Assembly and the Treasury are  slowly plotting to kill devolution in the country in the country.

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has come to reveal how the Treasury is now coming into play to castigate the Senate with the help of the National Assembly.

The fallout between the senators and MPs being conspicuous during the Budget Reading by CS Henry Rotich.

Photo: The National Assembly

Senators maintained that the counties should be allocated Sh327 billion while MPs insisted that the devolved units get Sh316 billion in the Division of Revenue Bill.

Senators even walked out on MPs in protest during the session, accusing them of highhandedness.

But Senators Ledama has justified his argument basing on the funds allocated to the Health Ministry by the Treasury which according to him its killing devolution.

Photo: Senator Ledama

“We said no to the Division of Revenue Bill because Treasury and National Assembly are determined to Kill Devolution. The ministry of health budget is 47 billion which is equivalent to the equitable share of 9 counties, which gets 5bn of equitable share ! Yet Health is Devolved!” Stated Ledama.

Senator Ledama Ole Kina was the first to walk out in a huff, lamenting the MPs ‘bossy and rogue mentality.’

But Majority leader Aden Duale, who sat in the mediation team, said that the reading of the budget was legal as CS only unveiled budgets for the Judiciary, Parliament and the National Government.

The Garissa Town MP downplayed the assertion that the counties will be plunged into a cash crisis, saying the Treasury CS will advance an overdraft to the counties until the Bill is passed.


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