Kiambu Residents endorse NASA strategist to replace Troubled Waititu

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Photo: NASA Strategist David Ndii

Kiambu County residents are just tired with Governor Ferdinand Waititu. The Residents are missing even their former Governor William Kabogo.

But in a new and rare twist, Kiambu residents are forcefully endorsing NASA strategist Dr. David Ndii to succeed Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

Photo: Governor Ferdinand Waititu

Hon Waititu’s rule in Kiambu has been characterized by a lot of controversies. Corruption watch has exposed how the Governor is alleged to have siphoned the county’s coffers dry.

Mr. Waititu has also turned Kiambu into a political battle field. With Team Tangatanga which pays deep respect to the Deputy President William Ruto and Kieleweke which is opposed to DP Ruto’s presidency flexing their political muscles in the area.

But the residents are now pushing for David Ndii’s rule to help revive Kiambu. David Ndii is a smart mind with a lot of knowledge on economics. His past works in the field of economics are still conspicuous.

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Photo: David Ndii

However David Ndii has turned down the endorsement to run for Kiambu Gubernatorial seat in 2022.

“There are some fools from Kiambu here pestering me ati I go and run for Governor— same ones who elected a certified hooligan and singing for us here wembe ure ure, tutaiba tena. Why don’t they start by impeaching Waititu? Washindwe, David Ndii retorted.

But he is not the only politician on the line to replace Hon Waititu.

Mr James Nyoro, his Deputy, is also planning to venture into full county politics.Mr Nyoro open betrayal of his boss and joining Kieleweke Team which has been leading protest calling for Hon Waititu’s arrest speaks volumes about the future of Kiambu County.

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Photo:Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro

He is already making considerable steps under Team Kieleweke team which is opposed to the Deputy President William Ruto.


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