6 Everyday habits that will improve your mental health

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For the past few years, more and more people became aware of the importance of mental health, as well as its significant role in your overall health and well-being. But with so much pressure, stress, and expectations to deal with every single day, it’s hard to stay positive when we’re constantly surrounded by negativities. How can we improve our mental health? Below are a few qualities you incorporate in your daily habits;

Get Enough Sleep

According to the health experts, getting enough sleep and rest not only heals your body but sharpens your mind too. Did you notice how you’re feeling tired when you sleep so late and wake up early? The lack of sleep you’re experiencing not only contributes to weight gain, but it also hinders your ability to think clearly, memory alertness, and it can even worsen your depressive symptoms.

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Insomnia is a severe indication that you’re stressed and might be undergoing depression and other mental illnesses. If you sleep enough though, you’ll notice how you have increased energy to face the day, how your brain is sharp and alert to process and analyze information.


According to health experts, meditation serves as a mental exercise for your mental health. The mental health experts recommend you practice meditation to help you manage your stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation can help cleanse your mind and body from thinking of toxic thoughts and allow you to reconnect with yourself.

You can achieve inner peace as you assess yourself, your goals and passion to make informed decisions. The experts also say that meditation can also help you stay away from thoughts of suicide as you battle with depression and other types of mental illnesses.


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Did you think exercise only helps in achieving a healthy and fit body? Think again. According to experts, exercising also plays a key factor in maintaining your mental health. Some studies show exercising not only releases endorphins, which help uplift your mood, but also antidepressants to help in fighting depressive symptoms.

These hormones give clarity to your mind while reducing the chronic stress you’re experiencing.

Healthy Diet

According to health experts, having a healthy body usually ingenders a healthy mind.

The health experts also recommend you to have a healthy lifestyle by incorporating a healthy diet. They recommend you minimize the consumption of processed foods filled with sugar and trans fat as it can trigger not only chronic diseases but also mental illness like anxiety, depression, and even brain damage.

Furthermore, it inhibits the growth of your cognitive abilities like learning capacity, deductive reasoning, and memory alertness. Focus on eating whole and healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, fish, and fiber.

Minimizing Your Smartphone Usage

While using the smartphone and browsing the net helps you get closer to your family and loved ones, spending too much time on the internet not only strains your eyes and physical body, it also affects your mental health too.

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For one, you can’t help but compare your life, goals, and progress to another person as you see them post their milestones and success in life. While sometimes it can be uplifting and encouraging to motivate yourself to work harder, more and more people fall into depression due to social media toxicity exposure according to a recent study.

It also increases your stress, anxiety, and might even lead to sleep disorders and other depressive symptoms. As much as possible, concentrate on connecting with your family and friends in real life rather than concentrating too much in the online world.

List Down All Your Blessings

Another way of exercising your brain to be healthy is to shift your focus from thinking negative to positive. You can avoid being stressed and depressed by listing down all the blessings you’ve received for the day. You’ll realize how blessed and grateful you are compared to others.

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It’ll also help you rediscover yourself and focus more on your goals and dreams. Furthermore, you can also identify the stressors and negative things in your life and get rid of it to help you live a mindful and peaceful life.

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