Whew Chile! Experiences all women have had during dry spells

In case you don’t know what a Dry spell season is in the urban dictionary, let me just tell you it’s deeper than you may think. A dry spell refers to a long period of time, or considerably long (depending on a person, of course) period where they go without getting some… And by getting some I mean hitting it…And by that, I mean doing it… And to be quite blunt for those not really following, it basically means having sex.

Now, being in a dry spell is completely different from being a virgin, as a virgin has never experienced sex. Most people, in all honesty, get on a dry spell because they just came out of a relationship or simply because you have chosen to be celibate. It all starts out very well where you’re confident that everything will go well and you’re happy that you don’t have to think about STDs or getting pregnant.

And then it hits you. HARD(Ironic I know).

It is indeed difficult to stay in a dry spell that has run its course. One can easily be driven mad especially if they were used to getting some consistently. Everything will seem attractive to you…you may start being delirious.

As much as dry spells are usually thought to be a man’s undergoing, women, go through that excruciating process too. And often leads to other things.

1. You start thinking that you’re ugly

When you got on this journey you felt strong and like you didn’t need any man. Now that you have chosen this path you wonder why men are not flirting with you and when they do you get annoyed because all they want is sex. At this point, all you do is feel sorry for yourself and try to maintain a healthy state of mind.

2. You notice every sex scene in a movie/series

It is quite stressful because you notice every sex scene in everything you watch. This is the time you may also have a lot of sexual thoughts and find yourself daydreaming about sex. I would advise you to watch cartoons and programs that are rated friendly, you are not strong enough for sexual scenes.

alpha female
3. You have a lot of sexual dreams and fantasies.

You tend to think about the good old days when you were a sexual being and now you just miss those days.

sexual dry spell
4. Sometimes you feel so pure.

You may feel liberated because you don’t have to think about getting pregnant or the emotional complications of having sex. This is the time you feel like you can become a nun and the time you swear to only have sex with the right guy.

confident woman in bed
5. Your friends tend to ignore you when talking about sex.

They talk about orgasms and never ask you for your opinion because now all of a sudden you are no longer a member of the sexual community. Before you know it you listen to people’s stories but you are never a contributor.

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6. You think about your ex and all the love making you two did.

Sometimes you may even think of texting him and just beg him for sex. But if you still haven’t tried to call or seduce him, please remember why you broke up and hold off from him.

confident women in bed
7. A sex toy may be your best friend.

You may find yourself masturbating a lot more than you ever did and if the thirst has gotten you real bad you may end up buying yourself a sex toy just to have a healthy mental state.

period problems

We must admit that not getting laid can be quite a struggle. We all have sexual needs but if you have chosen to stay celibate for whatever reason then please continue with your sexual fast until you’re ready to have sex again.

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