The Most Handsome Guy Alive- Akothee’s Daughter Appreciates Dad

Fancy Makadia [Courtesy Instagram]
Akothee, her daughters, and her Ex-husband taught Kenyans a big lesson on how to handle divorce when children are involved. This happened on Tuesday 11 June, when Akothee’s daughter Vesha, popularly known as Vesha Shaillan was Celebrating her 22nd birthday.

Just like everyone knows Akothee has been away from the country for some time, and for Vesha, it was obvious that her birthday was not going to be as lit as it would be if her mother was around. Akothee took to social media and just wished her daughter a happy birthday.

But hey look;

Vesha Shaillan [Instagram]
While sleeping on the couch in her hostel, her biological father, one Mr Jared, Akothee’s first love showed up in the most surprising way.

What awed many Kenyans was the chemistry between the father and her daughter. Immediately the dad entered the room singing a happy birthday song, Vesha rushed out of he comfort Zone and passionately hugged her dad. Since she is petite, her father lifted her up, carried her around while he joyfully sang a happy birthday song.

Take a look at this


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Thank you so much daddy for the surprise #birthdaymonth

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As a loving and responsible father, he did not come empty-handed. He came with a gift well wrapped and has soon as he finished cuddling hugging his daughter, he handed the gift to her. Vesha could not control her tears of joy in the entire event.

It’s evident that Akothee, is richer than Jared and she can afford everything for her daughters, but Jared does not care about her wealth and he shows so much love to her daughters and the daughters reciprocate the love equally.

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When you look at them, you would tell that the father-daughter bond is too strong and there is so much love in this family.

The whole event sent Vesha’s sister Rule baby into anger as she cried questioning her dad about missing her birthday.

Fancy Makadia [Courtesy Instagram]
Well, Akothee’s daughter Popularly known as Fancy Makadia is currently in France where she joined college saw the video and she responded to it!

Here is what she said;

The most handsome guy alive in our life … Is my dad 😍😍😍 and we love you so much dad see you soon in France … I am your copy right and i am proud❤️❤️ mom told me that you were the most handsome guy during their days 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 naisha na kicheko mpaka sai

This is a lesson that parents should take home. separation should never involve children! Children should have the freedom to spend time with their parents.

some fans want Zari to take lessons from akothee. Some tagged diamond, Hamissa and Zari on Akothee’s Post






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