Is Uhuru playing Dirty politics with Governor Stephen Sang?

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Photo: Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

President Uhuru Kenyatta in a rare twist has been dragged into Nandi Governor Stephen Sang troubles being accused of playing dirty politics.

Governor Sang, who spent Monday night at the Kisumu Central Police Station  following his arrest over destruction of a tea estate in his county has been charged in court.

The Governor was charged with three offenses following an incident that saw him destroy property at a tea estate associated with former powerful minister Henry Kosgey.

Governor Sang was charged with malicious damage to property, incitement to violence and abuse of office

He denied all three charges and was released on Sh1 million bond or Sh500,000 cash bail.

The magistrate dismissed an application to stop the governor from being charged and taking plea, saying it lacked merit.

Photo; Governor Stephen Sang During a court hearing

But Exiled Lawyer Miguna Miguna has sucked The Head of State into the troubles that are currently befalling Governor Sang who is a close associate of The Deputy President William Ruto.

Lawyer Miguna has justified his argument of President Uhuru playing dirty politics by citing the controversy that surrounded Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC).

Photo: Lawyer Miguna Miguna

According to Miguna Moi grabbed  KICC and turned it into KANU head quarters before Rafael Tuju forcefully repossessed it:

“Tom Mboya commissioned the construction of the KICC in 1968. It was built using public funds. In 1993, Dictator arap Moi grabbed the KICC, gave it to KANU as its headquarters. On February 11, 2003, Tourism Minister Raphael Tuju forcefully and rightfully repossessed the KICC,” started Miguna Miguna.

NRM General Miguna has added that KANU tried to repossess KICC through court process but it was ruled in favor of the normal mwananchi.

“After Tuju RESTORED the KICC back to its rightful owners – the citizens of Kenya – in 2003, then KANU Secretary General and Advocate Mutula Kilonzo went to court seeking orders to get back KICC. He lost. Why? Because Equity only vests on clean hands. A thief’s hands are DIRTY,” Miguna has added.

Moreover Miguna has justified Governor Sang’s action stating that the public have absolute right to possess their property.

“The public have absolute right to repossess all stolen public land and assets. There is no court of competent jurisdiction that will issue orders giving thieves properties they have acquired fraudulently nor convict anyone restoring stolen property to its rightful owners,” Miguna argued.

Therefore Miguna Miguna has blamed President Uhuru for playing dirty politics in fixing the young governor.

The exiled lawyer has been the greatest critic of President Uhuru Kenyatta in almost everything that happens in the country.

He has offered a back for Governor Sang who is awaiting for the final ruling.


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