Winnie Odinga gets in a heated exchange over criticizing Governor Sang

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Winnie Odinga the daughter the AU Representative Hon Raila Odinga has found herself in a heated exchange over her sentiments that castigated Nandi Governor Stephen Sang actions.

Governor Sang who was arrested and taken to Kisumu Police  station before the court ruled his arrest as unwarranted, was making headlines after a video of him uprooting  tea at Kibwari Tea Farm was widely shared in media.

Winnie Odinga who has stood as a top critical analyst of Kenya political scene, criticized Governor Sang’s action. Winnie Odinga termed his actions as sabotage of the economy.

“Tea is the number one export in the country. This type of retrogression killed a thriving Zimbabwe, Winnie stated.

She went ahead to ask Lawyer Donald Kipkorir two questions:

1. what constitutes economic sabotage?

2. Do county governments have absolute power when it comes to national resources?

However Winnie Odinga has had to answer very hard after her attack on Governor Sang.

One user has boldly told Winnie that Tea is no longer valuable to the people of Nandi County and that they need the land which Governor Sang was reclaiming for grazing.

But according to Winnie Odinga, that is a misconception that has been instilled into the people of Nandi County that is killing the economy of Kenya.

Winnie Odinga has also been accused of defending a land grabbers instead of supporting Governor Sang’s action.

However Winnie Odinga has defended herself that it is the work of the National Land Commission to deal with such cases and not Governor Sang.

Sang had earlier said he will not relent in the fight against corruption in his county.

He insisted the land belongs to the county and is not private.

” Ile mali ya umma yote imenyakuliwa nitarudisha katika mikono ya mwananchi,” Sang said.

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