Relatable woes every Kenyan Lady goes through at Kenyatta Market


Kenyan women go through a lot of beauty processes in their life, one of the core ones being anything to do with their hair. I’m sure most if not all of Nairobi ladies have been to the famous Kenyan Market to get their hair done at least onbce in their lives. And even though we argue and complain, we still find ourselves back there. Well, grab your sister friend and take a look these woes.

Can you relate to these woes experienced at Kenyatta Market:
1. The Flocking Of Ladies At The Entrance.

Girl! Before you even alight from the matatu, there are all up in your face! You can’t take two simple steps without hearing “mum,salon” lol.

2. Over Priced Braids.

Seriously! You start regretting why you never passed through town to buy your braids. In Kenyatta Market, the price is ridiculous, and they will tell you, that your hairstyle needs more than 6 packets.

3. Pulling Of The Hair Line When Braiding.

Have you seen the ladies who approach you? They got no damn hairline lol! When you get comfortable in the seats, it’s like they are itching to just destroy your beautiful hairline.

4. That Awful Smell Between Their Legs.

This one right here, all of you ladies are agreeing in unison! That smell, is just horrid and the fact that they insist on finishing the ends of your braids on their thighs is the worst. Like lady, no!

5. Muchene While Braiding.

They cannot just braid in silence, right? They have to talk, and talk and talk throughout the entire session. Some ladies even dare to go walking about to gossip and you’re left in your chair like???

Ladies, did we lie? What are some of the other experiences you get when braiding at Kenyatta Market?

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