MONEY MOVES! Ways to creatively and actively make Money as a Kenyan University Student

It’s already hard enough making money in Kenya as a young person, but just imagine the struggle and pressure that comes with being a campus student. We are often told to start early if you want tomake it in life, so the student hustle begins.

Here are new ways you can make extra money.



First, identify what you want to blog about, second research on other bloggers with similar content to help you identify the best ways to present your articles and thirdly begin writing and sharing with those who know you first. The feedback received will help you identify what is working and what needs improving, once you have identified your style then confidently begin to share your blog articles on all social media forums.

Bonus Tip: Pay for the domain name for your site so all your writing royalties earned mainly go back to you and if it grows bigger you can be able to sell it off. Get in the habit of collaborating with other bloggers, because the cross promotion could very well lead you to attract their followers to become part of your fanbase. You could be the next big Kenyan Blogger, like Joy Kendi who’s blog has led her to partner with brands like Samsung, Ciroc and Dior Makeup.

2.Online stores or Selling in markets
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If you have an excellent eye for unique pieces or remodelling old stuff and giving them a brand new life you can use it as your opportunity of earning cash. You can go to Gikomba for instance and look for vintage pieces of which you can make a profit from when selling through online platforms such as creating your own site or via social media groups. Nairobi also has a range of local markets, whereby you can sign up and can sell your products there too.

Bonus Tip: If you end up selling fashion pieces only focus on selling what is trending so that your chance to make a profit is higher. Also, focus on selling what you would easily use because then it will be easier to market it. You could be the next Velma and Oliver, the siblings who are the founders of the thrift social concept, which has grown to be one of the biggest thrift markets in Nairobi.

There you have it, there are many other opportunities out there, see what works for you without breaking the bank. In a land of opportunities, you must prosper.

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