Apparently, you are not considered to be a real Kenyan woman if you can’t cook these 5 meals

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Yes, I know. Kenyan Women are tired of being judged by everyone and everything. We are a progressive generation, but some men still find a way to bringing outdated notions with them everywhere tsk.

Apparently, Kenyans are known to being a warm hospitable people and the one thing that we are well known for is welcoming guests. It’s always nice to be welcomed with a warm home cooked meal so here is some food that you MUST really look into learning how to cook.

1. Rice

Rice that looks that prison ugali is not what we are talking about today. Have you ever had rice that is so thick you can mix that stuff with cement and build a house? No Please And Thank You. Well cooked rice is hot and fluffy.

5 Meals A Real Kenyan Woman Should Know How To Cook

2. Chapati

Chapati is a national treasure and you simply must learn to make something. Chapatis that look like low rent map of africa and are thick like a sad sandwich? Why are you doing this? Chapatis should be warm, thin and have soft layers.


3. Ugali

Ugali is the fuel that runs this nation so you have no choice but to learn how to make it. Ugali that is lumpy and feels like a rock is NOT it. Ugali has to be hot, have zero lumps and not threaten to break your jaw. Just practice at pouring in the right amount of flour into the water and stir correctly.

5 Meals A Real Kenyan Woman Should Know How To Cook

4. Pilau

Friends, let us be clear. Pilau that has waru, carrot and mixed vegetables is not pilau. That is a straight up abomination fam. Real Pilau requires well cooked rice, garlic, onion , cardamom, peppercorn. cloves, ginger and cumin seed powder. No waru and carrots please.

Please let us know argue sis. These are dishes that truly makes us all Kenyans so we must learn how to make at least of 3 of the 4 that have appeared on this list. Can I get an Amen?

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