#REPENTJESUSISCOMING: Prophet Owuor’s Premonitions of 2nd Coming of Christ takes over Social Media

The infamous Self-Proclaimed Prophet Owuor is back at it again, this time, inciting his followers and a majority of Kenyans of Jesus Christ’s Coming. This comes after a series of events that perpetuated that notion.

Social Media is ablaze with tweets with the hashtag #RepentJesusIsComing, with many tweeps quoting him as well ashis videos of prevous preachings on the matter.


To any regular Kenyan, the buzz created is so much so that it would probably send shivers down their spine. And why wouldn’t it? We are literally being warned of the Second Coming of Christ, I would think that would be the most significant thing to happen in the world, or atleast it makes it to the list.

But before we get into all that, I would think we would all take our time before actually coming to the conclusion that Christ really is on his way. We are always told to think twice before believeing anything, and considering the Source of all this information is sketchy as it is, I wouldn’t be so quick to believe him.

Prophet Owour is no stranger to scandals and criticism, and it’s only natural that there are bound to be some coming his way with the popularity of this hashtag. Just a few weeks ago, the self-proclaimed Prophet was criticised over his prophecy on the glorious stairs of heaven that he claimed his followers would use to ascend to heaven.

Prophet Owuor revealed about the stairs during a mega conference in Nakuru in 2018 when astounding images of white glorious stairs – looking like a ladder were purported to have been lowered in the sky for the massive followers to see.

Blogger Abraham Mutai came out to blast the prophesy terming the scenic sight of heavenly stairs as photoshopped.

“His followers have been praying day and night to be among those who will be privileged to walk on this photoshop,” posted the blogger.

According to the man of the cloth, after the second coming of Jesus Christ commonly known as the rapture, the church will climb the stairs to enter heaven.

“This is the way, follow it and enter, don’t joke with this way!!! Daniel just talked of Israel and Jerusalem that he saw after the rapture, not the church!!!” remarked the Prophet of the Lord.


The real question to all this remains to be, What is the future of Kenyan Religion? Who can be trusted at this time???



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