Mutahi Ngunyi Reveals how no-nonsense Maraga will Dissolve Parliament and Send Uhuru Home

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi. Photo/ Courtesy

Chief Justice David Maraga may dissolve Parliament and send President Uhuru Kenyatta home, controversial Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has said.

The controversial analyst believes that the no-nonsense CJ who nullified the Presidential elections in 2017, may dissolve Parliament over the two-thirds gender bill that has failed to pass through Parliament.

‘This MAN will DISSOLVE parliament over the GENDER rule. And with the SAME stroke, he will SEND Uhuru HOME.’ Reads Part of a tweet on Mutahi Ngunyi’s page.

Early this year, Parliament failed to pass the law allowing for the two third gender rule, opening a leeway for its dissolution. Already, two petitions have been filed in court seeking to have Maraga dissolve the National assembly and Senate. It is these Petitions that Ngunyi was referring to.

The activist has pointed to recent remarks made by Maraga in the UK on Africa’s leadership during his lecture at the Oxford University.

CJ David Maraga during a past supreme Court proceeding. Photo/Courtesy

He spoke at the Oxford Union Conference in the UK dubbed: ‘The quest for constitutionalism in Africa: a reflection on the interface between institutions, leadership and faith.’


Maraga in his lecture accused the political elite, in the Executive and Parliament, for “cherry-picking” provisions of the Constitution, only implementing those that safeguard their personal or sectarian interests.

CJ David Maraga while delivering his lecture at Oxford University. Photo/Courtesy/Twitter

Citing failure to tackle corruption and impunity, vote rigging and dithering in passing laws to help more women get into power, the CJ queried whether the new legal regime has worked for Kenyans despite the same being praised as one of the most progressive and transformative constitutions in the continent.

CJ David Maraga with his wife during a graduation function at Daystar University early this year. Photo/Courtesy/Twitter

He further noted that the country’s biggest problem is the politicians, tenderpreneurs and bad behaviour that has taken root overtime.

“Left on their own the legislative and executive arms of government, comprising mainly politicians and social elites, will implement the Constitution in an arbitrary manner, cherry-picking the easier and non-contentious provisions, always safeguarding their personal or sectarian interests. That is exactly what they have done in Kenya,” Maraga was quoted by a local daily.

CJ Maraga at the Oxford University. Photo/courtesy/ Twitter

He says the law in Kenya, just as is the case in the rest of Africa, is skewed to benefit business dynasties and tenderpreneurs who influence presidential elections.

He said there is little hope on redeeming the county as Parliament and the Executive continue cherry picking in the implementation of the Constitution.

CJ Maraga at the at the Oxford Union Conference in the UK. Photo/Courtesy/ Twitter

“Three examples will suffice — failure to implement the gender equality principle under the Kenyan Constitution, failure to fight corruption and impunity and failure to hold credible elections,” a local daily quoted him.


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