Kumbe ako ligi ya kina Huddah! Anita Nderu’s advise on s3x position goes wrong

Kenyans have gone hard on Media Personality Anita Nderu after she gave her piece of mind about S3x positions.

The Media queen gave this advice in response to research that claims that an average woman takes 13.5minutes to orgasm.

Anita Nderu mentioned that rumour has it that doggy style does the trick too and she claims to have heard if from alot of women.

With the comment coming from her, some Kenyans seemed shocked that she has spoken about such a topic publicly.

Some of her fans even though that her account had been hacked since it is very rarer coming from her.

Anita Nderu however owned up to the comment clarifying that she was just giving her two cents in regard to the topic

“It is I who is tweeting. I was just contributing my two cents to the conversation as I usually do. I guess it’s cause I have never tweeted anything to do with sex before” she wrote in her tweet

A section of Kenyans feel that Anita Nderu has always portrayed herself as innocent and this comment made them think otherwise.

Others blasted her saying that she should stop pretending that it is rumoured yet she might be fully aware of the sex position.

Have a look at the reactions

Fazul Ule Mcute huyo ni anita nderu ndio anaongea hivyo na vile hujifanya innocent kumbe pia yeye Ako ligi ya kina hudda chini ya maji

Thomas Gatimu Those who talk about sex much ndio marenge kwa kitanda team kiherehere ata chuo walikuwa mafala 🤣🤣

Ian Chuchu This weather imetoa watu mafichoni anyway apo kwa happy women,if she aint happy anaeza nitumia fare kwa izo pesa anakulianga kwa radio niende “kumchekesha”

Johari Mwetese thought she was scissoring gang gang???? oh well

Robert Omare Come on 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ don’t tell us what you heard. Tell us what works for you 🤷🏿‍♂️

Karanja Mwathi Pia huyu hupandwa 😂😂😂
Enyewe hii baridi haitambui alogance 😂😂😂
Big up to mwenye hukuna hii kitu


Milly Muthoni Instead of you advising us on where to take the many one thousands shillings we have before 1octomber this is what you’re advising us on,truly we cannot think on the same page

Alfred Koech Hakuna Cha rumours,u know what you are saying

Mr David Machoka‏ @MachokaMr

What is your experience, leave rumours aside,

Kijana Fupi, Raund 😁‏ @LoktariB

We the thin guys fraternity don’t like rumors. We can offer u one of our own Atleast u will have story to tell with immediate effect


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