Watu ya Bomet Mlikosea Mungu Nini?


When The ODM Party shared pictures of their leader Raila Odinga visiting ailing Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso in a UK hospital, they didn’t know the storm that they were about to create.

The problem with Kenyans is not the fact that Laboso is seeking medical attention abroad, their issue is with the words ‘Local Hospital!’ which were used by ODM. Most people have interpreted this to mean the governor is being treated in a public hospital.

As a governor, Laboso is directly in charge of improving health facilities in her county. The fact that she travelled all the way to London means she does not believe in the health systems in her county and across the entire country. I thought these politicians should be leading by example to make Wananchi believe in Public Hospitals.

Hawkeyed Kenyans have shared pictures of Bomet hospitals on social media and we now know why Laboso chose to go to the UK. It is a sorry state of affairs in her own backyard.

But there seems to be a problem with Bomet County. Kenyans can’t forget how their previous governor Isaac Rutto, was airlifted to South Africa to seek treatment for a broken nose. Interestingly, Raila Odinga was among the first people to visit Rutto at the Nairobi hospital during the November 2016 incident. Rutto, the first Chair of the Council of Governors, went to South Africa for specialised treatment after being hit with a teargas canister at Silibwet Stadium.

Isaac Ruto

Before news broke about Laboso’s admission in the UK, the governor had already made headlines for the construction of a Ksh6 million brick bridge that has since collapsed.

The bridge collapsed on Sunday.

Kwani hii watu ya Bomet walikosea Mungu nini?


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