Keeping it Fresh! Do and Don’ts For Your VaJaJay

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If we are, to be honest, the vagina is the most underrated organ in a female’s body. Let’s take for instance pushing out a baby, unprovoked! A whole human being! That’s a lot. Do not forget the pain and the soreness that comes along with that time of the month. Yet, your friend takes it all gracefully, with so much strength and does not rebel against you when you’re trying to get an orgasm… or two.

You ought to treat her better. She deserves it yes?  Below are some do’s and don’ts to help you have a healthy vagina.


1. Change your tampons/pads frequently

When having your periods, it is necessary to stay loaded with enough pads and or tampons. Staying with the same pad for a long time is detrimental to the health of your vagina as it is a perfect breeding ground for infections. Constantly changing and cleaning yourself with either baby wipes together with tissue or preferably warm water keeps you fresh and at ease.

2. Wear cotton panties

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There has been a great deal of talk about thongs also famously known as G-strings and how sexy they are. I beg to disagree. That tiny piece of… should I call it clothing? The g-string is the leading cause of yeast infections. Imagine yourself walking; the minute string lingering back and forth transmitting anal bacteria to your vagina. That’s not something pleasing, is it? Cotton panties, however, offer the ability for air to circulate and absorb moisture thus preventing dampness.

3. Visit Your Gyna

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A trip to a gynae is definitely worth it considering the pap smear tests, the STI’s tests and general routine check-ups that you need. Quite a number of ladies have been able to nub cancer because it was found during the early stages.Many of us presumably ignore the at least yearly visit to a gynae assuming that nothing is wrong thus we need not to unnecessarily waste our time and money on check-ups.

4. Take Natural Yoghurt

The probiotics found in this yoghurt are tremendously important for your vagina. They help combat the growth of yeast and provide an acidic environment which your vagina needs.


1. Do not douche/insert food into your vagina

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Garlic, seafood and other ‘cleansing’ food products should be avoided like the plague. The only thing that should be inserted to help with infections should come from a doctor. The vagina is self-cleaning and has all the necessary bacteria to control the pH levels. Introducing foreign material to the vagina only irritates it. Use water and mild soap to wash outside of your vagina. Leave the insides alone.

2. Do not stay in your gym clothes or swimsuits after you are done

Damp clothing is the worst when it comes down to the vagina. Bathe and change your underwear after a work out to prevent the sweat and the dampness from causing an irritating infection.

3. Do not stay silent when it comes to sex

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If you are sexually active, make sure you are able to talk to and with your partner about your sexual health. Do not use the same condom for anal, vagina and oral sex. That is unhygienic and hazardous to your health. Do not share sex toys as this may transmit diseases.

4. Do not let dirty fingers into your vagina

During sexual encounters with our partners, fingers might get involved. Our fingers carry a lot of bacteria and might not be the best when handling such a sensitive area. It is advisable to ask your partner to cut their nails short and use a hand sanitizer before touching you.

It is exceedingly important to have high standards for your vagina. Learning how to to take care of it is a simple step to ensuring a happier and more stable relationship with it. Give her all the love, she deserves it.

Speaking of a healthy vagina find out what you need to do if your vagina hurts. Seek doctor’s counsel when your condition persists.

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