Jomo Kenyatta statue on new currency threatens to end CBK Governor’s career

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The Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge who unveiled the new currency notes on Madaraka Day in Narok maybe kissing his post goodbye.

The rise and fall of the CBK governor Mr. Njoroge came after his press briefing on Monday.

Patrick Njoroge  insisted that the design and introduction of new banknotes followed due process and that they are ready to fight those opposed to it in court.

Njoroge dismissed those contesting the inclusion of the country’s founding president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s sculpture, saying that the key feature was the KICC.

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He also defended the decision to do away with the old generation Sh1.000 notes, saying that it is not the first time Kenya is doing demonetisation.

But this harsh words especially the one which he was daring politicians to meet in court did not ogre well with some legislatures.

Former ODM legislature, who also adds up as Hon Raila Odinga’s cousin , Jakoyo Midiwo has called for resignation of Governor Patrick Njoroge for politicizing the new currency role out process.

Hon Jakoyo Midiwo has also faulted the CBK for acting to impede businesses in the country.

The statue of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta has also continued to elicit a mixture of reactions from many legislatures. Most have argued that the CBK did not follow the right constitutional procedures before the role out.

However some other legislatures such as Hon Gladys Wanga have rubbished the latest arguments which are meant to hinder the role out process terming them as petty.

Earlier on, Activist Okiya Omtatah and EALA MP Simon Mbugua filed a petition to block the role out of the new currency stating that it did not follow proper constitutional procedures.


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