PESA OTAS! Some little Tips to make you a Millionaire in Kenya

Everyone says they’d rather be poor and happy if it means having money will mean living a miserable life but deep down we all know we’d rather cry while driving a quad-bike through the famous  Sand Dunes in Dubai Desert than be happily cooking in a kibanda that doubles up as your house at night with barely no walls let alone lights and water somewhere in a Kenyan Slum.

This is no offense to anyone btw, I’m just saying. Life would be a lot more easier with money if we’re being real.

We all want to be wealthy, not just now -in college or at your first job but also when we are older. There is nothing like the feeling of balling out of control knowing it was from your own sweat. We have a list of habits you can pick up so that future wealthy you will thank you.

1.Get used to spending money (and saving it).

Some people have a fear of money  If you grew up in a household where you were always living paycheck to paycheck, money may be terrifying to you. It’s important to learn how to turn that mentality on its head — instead of worrying about not having money, focus instead on how you can make money instead.

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2.Get used to deadlines.

It’s important to establish a definite date when you want to achieve your money goal. A good plan will look drastically different if your goal is to earn 5 million Kshs by age 30 vs. age 60, for example. Without a proper deadline, you can’t come up with a realistic plan and you won’t push yourself to get there.

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3.Start to visualize your goals.

There’s a reason we often hear that we should envision ourselves accomplishing whatever we want. There is a lot of power in visualization. If you’ve been setting goals and deadlines in your head all this time, it’s time to bring them into the world. If you’re having trouble, try writing down your goals on paper or creating a vision board that you can look at for inspiration from time.

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4.Stop procrastinating and start already

Procrastination can be a killer when it comes to reaching whatever finish line we have in our minds.  Start right away once you decide what your goal is.  whether you are ready or not, to put your  plan into action.

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Good habits  important, especially when you’re only just establishing your career and financial goals.We are hardwired to want to feel lazy or scared  before we take the first step. In the process, we waste time. Start thinking about how much wealth you want to have and pick up a few of this habits.

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