Are you moving drugs?, Ringtone questioned over flashy lifestyle

Gospel Musician Ringtone Apoko is on the spot over his controversial and flashy lifestyle.

The Veteran musician has been in the music industry for years and he takes pride in being among the richest celebrities in Kenya.

Ringtone is known to have started off from a very humble background and he has several times narrated of his life in the streets.

Despite the humble beginnings, he has risen over the years to own flashy cars and lives in an expensive Runda home.

A section of Kenyans have questioned how the musician gets to fund such a lifestyle considering that music does not pay as much.

In a recent interview, Ringtone revealed that he has 6 cars and even went further to mention that he has two homes one in Karen and in Runda.

“Music pays, I made a lot of money in 2013 when I President Uhuru Kenyatta used my song” he stated

A popular blogger Abraham Mutai blasted Ringtone on social media and accused him of lying.

He also questioned whether Ringtone has a drug business as a source for his money and termed his music as trash.

Ringtone. YOU are LYING about being paid ksh500k. You are a money bag claiming that music pays but your music is trash. No one really listens to your music. You never actually even came close to Willy Paul or Bahati yet they are not as rich as you. Are you moving drugs?

Ringtone has for sometime behaving in a strange manner that bothers his fans and this has built up to drama as the days go by.

He has also fully immersed himself in ranting and  verbally attacking other artists  like Willy Paul.

His most recent incident is  his outcry to be linked up with a lady that he can marry; something that is also becoming a nuisance to his fans.

Following this concern by the blogger,  Kenyans could not help it but jump into the subject. Have a look

Snake_Eye 🇰🇪‏ @Snake_Ey3

Money laundering.

bryan majeni‏ @bryan_majeni

awache kutupima bangi

Toby‏ @Toby_Pat

Money laundering cartel, this one…never heard of any of his songs

Muiru kamau‏ @MuiruKamau4

I was shocked about his wealth claiming its pure from music but remains questionable

Madanga Madanga‏ @FMadanga

500,000 * 90 = 45,000,000.. Its not enough to buy him homes in Runda and Karen.. Maybe Ruiru Ndani na Karinde

Dr. JayB Owalla‏ @owalla_jayb

Hawa watu warongo…..i don even remember the last taim i heard Ringtone’s latest song

Wanjiku_Mugane‏ @wanjikumugane

Ringtone might be doing other businesses besides music… He came to our high school 2 times with this motivational story card and back then he only had Pamela as a hit… He was still well off got the cars t-shirt business selling his CDs… His is an unexplainable journey…


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