‘I have six cars, many palatial mansions!’ Richest Kenyan gospel artist Ringtone brags

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Self-proclaimed chairman of Gospel Music Industry has once more bragged with his riches, unapologetically! A while ago he proclaimed that he’s the richest gospel musician in Kenya.

During his interview with Betty Kyallo on her weekly show ‘Weekend with Betty’, right at the onset he started with showing off he stays in Runda while making fun of Jalango’s vichochoros.

Umekuwa ukiinterview kina Jalang’o huko kwa vichochoro, welcome to Runda!

I have 2 or more homes. I own them

Kuna masiku naishi Karen, kuna masiku naishi Runda

Tulikuwa na issues za play Kenyan music, today I want to show Kenyans that music can pay.

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No sooner than the interview had begun did he brag his 6 cars, of which only two were visible.

I have six cars.

Betty asked about where they were since she couldn’t see them and this was his sneaky response:

Ukikuja zilikuwa zinaoshwa.

Parking is at the back and I don’t want to show off.

He then offers Betty Kyallo a V8 and a range rover Evoque, to choose which one she will use getting around.

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During the interview, he took his time to show parts of his house how ‘MTV cribs’ used to show homes. Undeniably, he lives in a big big house with a large piano at the entrance. He already has a dining table fit for his mythical wife and two kids but hopes to get 7 kids in future.

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He shows off his pictures with Uhuru Kenyatta which he has pinned up on his wall, bragging about their ‘friendship’.

Yes I show off what I have. My show off is not to give me credit, it’s to give Jesus credit.

He revealed that his career skyrocketed when he worked with Uhuru.

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I made a lot of money in 2013 when President Kenyatta used my song

Imagine being paid 150K in 90 days, that’s enough to buy a house in Runda

There you have it, Ringtone and humble should never be put in the same sentence. Don’t @ him!

Check out the full interview below:

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