As It Happened: Klopp Leads Liverpool to Sixth Champions League Trophy!

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Madrid was shining Red and White as Tottenham came face to face with their English rivals Liverpool.
And for Tottenham, it was a dreary start, one that pitted the game against their favour before they could even organize themselves effectively.
Indeed, 2 minutes within the match, Moussa Sissoko awarded Liverpool a penalty after a controversial handball in the box.

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And despite Tottenham players pleading desperately for VAR, referee Damir Skovina was adamant that it was a penalty after receiving quick confirmation from his VAR team.

Who else but Salah to take up the penalty, perhaps to redeem his absence in last year’s final that saw him power the ball past Lloris to make it 1-0

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Nevertheless, Tottenham did not put their head down and worked intensively to penetrate Liverpool’s defence to no avail.

The first half proved to be a lackluster display as both teams played with caution to not make any mistakes. The quietness of prolific striker Kane, who just came from an injury, could especially be noted. He only had 11 touches in the first half.

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In the second half, the desperation finally kicked in for Tottenham as they went all guns blazing to try and bring it back.

Unfortunately, the hard-lined defence for Liverpool coupled with Allison’s impressive saves made it impossible for Tottenham to pull it back.

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And to add insult to injury, wonderboy Divock Origi scored an impressive kicker in the 87th minute to seal the victory for Liverpool and to win them the Champions League.

This is the sixth Champions League title for Liverpool, with Jurgen Klopp taking Liverpool to the top of the mountain and his first trophy at the club

A well-deserved 2-0 victory for Liverpool!

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