Who says you have to Spend Money to Have Fun during Weekends?

It’s time to find a way how to save money on the weekends without becoming a couch potato. Below are seven tips on how to save money on the weekends and still have fun. So yes, take out the party dress. You can still wear glitter and be savvy with your cash.


1. Host your friends.

2. Plan out your weekend during the week to avoid surprises.

3. Ditch Uber and carpool.

4. Hunt down specials and happy hour spots.


5. Start drinking from home, so you can limit your intake out there.

6. Fill your weekend with other projects that don’t require you to spend but give back to your community.

7. Tell your friends you’re on a budget to avoid the pressure.


While things like “fun” and “budget” are often times seen at opposite ends of the spectrum, your social life actually doesn’t have to suffer much when you tighten the purse strings.

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