Mudavadi hints at Joining Tanga Tanga Movement

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Kenyan politics is a game of chase. Early this week, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi released a hard-hitting statement about the state of the country, especially the huge public debt and the runaway corruption. Some people interpreted this as a direct assault on President Uhuru Kenyatta.

On Friday, the former Vice President revealed he is against the referendum calls being fronted by Raila Odinga and his brother Uhuru Kenyatta. The only other person against the referendum is none other than Deputy President William Ruto. This could mean Mudavadi is about to join the Tanga Tanga Movement.

The calls for constitutional amendment have elicited mixed reactions. President Kenyatta echoed Raila’s words of massive change to announce a painful and unforgiving change in the State.

In what was seen as Uhuru pushing for a constitutional amendment, he announced a radical change on the government structure.

Ruto is so much against this type of referendum. According to Ruto the call for constitutional amendment should be about the people and not about adding positions of leadership.

Mudavadi speaking to Mulembe FM has stated that referendum should be about the people and not about adding leadership positions.

Earlier On,Musalia Mudavadi warned that the ongoing call for a referendum in the country could lead to division.

Mr Mudavadi said politicians have monopolized the clamour for a plebiscite at the expense of the majority of Kenyans who should own and be part of the process.

He said it was high time discussions around the referendum were all-inclusive, not seemingly reserved for the political elite.

Hon Moses Kuria has also warned against the call for referendum stating that it will throw the country into the 2007/2008 catastrophe.



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