High ‘Priest of Graft’-Ruto Hilariously Slammed Over Controversial Remarks On His Wealth


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During the National Payer breakfast which was held at safari park hotel On Thursday 30th May, Ruto made some controversial remarks. Although other leaders lauded him,  the common Mwananchi raised critical questions over Ruto’s remarks.

The theme of annual prayer breakfast 2019 was ‘The dawn of New Kenya’. It involved national leaders in the judiciary and executive and Governors.

One of the key issues that the leaders were supposed to address was on Corruption and as you all know Ruto has been named in various corruption Scandals among them the Arror and Kimwarer Dams scandal.

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Well, Ruto has been questioned over abnormally huge amounts of money in church and he could not wait but mention the issue.

On the same Ruto gave a short history of his past life and bragged that God has blessed him big time and he has a bigger reason to give back to him.

In his words Ruto said:

I beg you to understand, that some of us have more to thank God for Than some of you , and therefore I beg you to understand. Sometimes you judge us harshly.

Here is Ruto speaking;

Dennis Ole Itumbi, HSC is the Secretary of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication in the Office of the President of the Republic of Kenya,  took to social media and shared the above video with captions;

Please I beg you to understand that some of us have more to thank God for, than some of you.


I, as Dennis Itumbi cannot agree more.

Am sure you too who understands.

This post evoked wild reactions from KOT. Ruto has been trolled for looting his way to becoming so rich.

Here are the comments.

Murunga;People without their own God-given brains have no otherwise but to agree to anything even if means taking poison.

Cyprian; Please, I beg you to understand that some of us have to steal more than some of you.

Chis; He thieved his way to Richness!

Ukweli Usemwe; When you recall people burning in a church in Kiambaa, in Eldoret or a one Mr. Muteshi fighting for his land that was grabbed in 2007…anyone would shed tears… Mungu ni Mwema

Tom Juma; Stealing in the name of the Lord

Nyabuto; Thanking God doesn’t include stealing from the poor and donating to church for political mileage

Maruti; Little does he know we breathe same oxygen…by virtue of one being alive..its an equal blessing than any material or status possession…then being fro.a poor background doesn’t justify one being a good pxn..i know rich folks who rever good in all…we have failed…

Lubanga; You steal then think when you take the money to church God is happy with you…!!!that’s mocking God

Kim; If we asked Kenyans who went primary school without shoes more than 60% would raise their hand

Let you all high priests of graft and your followers form your own churches and be donating your money there as you give thanks to your god from there.hakuna mtu atawauliza. Sio hizi zetu!

The way Ruto fix himself in this country will one day dupe Kenyans to elect him then realise when it’s too late. Huyu jamaa ni mkora sijawahi ona maisha yangu. Huyu anaeza danganya mpaka Yesu mtakatifu

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