Getting Lit on the Weekend in Nairobi with only 1000 Bob

night out budget- Zumi

Nowadays in Nairobi, going out on a weekend feels like you are planning a wedding. The amount of planning and budgetig you do, one could think there really is a ruracio coming up. And rightly so, because you need money to go out….like a lot of money… like A LOT.

Having 1000 bob a few years back, you would feel like you were on top of the world. This could get you so many drinks and even leave spare money for munchies food and a cab to get you home. Not now! A lot of the places that are actually fun to be have become expensive and your 1000 bob can get you only one drink in some clubs.

Who we feel pity for is the men. Especially those ones who go to the club to impress the ladies. Oh well, it’s their money, let them spend it. If you’re having one of those days and you’re on a tight budget, here is how you can survive on that 1000 bob and still have a lit night.

1. Commit to some level of spending

Before you even get to the club, you’re aware that you will definitely spend some amount of money. Make sure you have a limit of what you want to spend so that you only spend what is in your pocket. Be sure you have enough for the ride home!

2. Pre-game

Duh! This is the answer to any broke night. That is, if you drink. Get a bottle of something with your friends and FINISH it before you go to the club. That way you’ll spend less money on booze because you’ll already be on a good level.

night out budget- Zumi


3. Plan ahead

If you’re going out with your friends, you can decide to combine your money and agree on what you’ll have at the club. You may even be able to buy a bottle and a few chasers with your total amount.

You may not have enough money to spend as you may want, but at least you’ll still be able to have some fun. Plus make sure you’re slaying because chances are you might get a few drinks from a guy  mesmerized by your beauty.

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