TV Presenter’s uncontrollable manhood gets roasted by hawk-eyed netizens

While we all know men are visual beings but getting horny on live national television isn’t exactly what people envision. This sports TV presenter from South Africa has raised many eyebrows with the public show of his very hard erection.

The poor man must have been called on set unawares as he tried all he could to hide the boner but to no avail. To make matters worse, the camera person zoomed in on his clear showing appendage, not giving the man any peace. He eventually gave up hiding it with his hand as his third leg clearly has its own brain and wasn’t going anywhere.

Image result for boner on tv gif

This stunt has thrown netizens into the deep end of humor as many made fun that he was clearly watching too much porn in the office.

Here’s the video of the hilarious erect TV man:

Netizens couldn’t hold back and here are their reactions:




















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