Lawyer Kipkorir warns about the 2022 general election

City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has now raised his concern following the 2017 General election mess by the Cambridge Analytica.

According to Kipkorir while talking to his social media noted that the 2022 general election should not be a repeat of what happened in 2017 where elections were determined by tribe and class.

“We allowed 2017 General Elections to be determined by FAKE & FALSE narrative by Cambridge Analytica working in cahoots with 36 Digital Team Of False Apostles… We shouldn’t allow similar divisive narratives in 2022. Kenya mustn’t be divided along Class, Religion or Tribe.”

Cambridge Analytica a British firm dealing with political consultancy ran the Kenya Elections in 2017, after  which a scandal rose when the company claimed on its website to have conducted a survey of 47,000 Kenyans during the 2013 elections in order to understand “key national and local political issues, levels of trust in key politicians, voting behaviours/intentions, and preferred information channels”.

The company was further accused of painting the Raila Odinga as a blood-thirsty individual who is also sympathetic to Al-Shabaab and having no development agenda,” then portraying President Kenyatta as “tough on terrorism, and being good for the economy.






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