Getting It Right With Corset Types

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These days if you cannot make it up to the standards of the chart then you gotta fake it, life is too short to be frustrated. There are people who don’t sweat the small stuff to have a flat belly, but for some, that is just a career ambition.

Thank God for the creativity in people, whoever came up with this fashion accessory called the corset, has helped so many women feel confident about themselves and cut down some foolish stigma.

Now that we have established our love for the corset, we have to establish how to wear them, how many types we have and how to bring out each of them. You just can’t just afford to mismanage a corset, it just saved our pot-belly embarassment.


1. Overbust Corsets


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Overbust corsets start below the arms and end above the hips. They lift the breasts, slim the waistline, and are ideal for wearing under clothes or as formal wear. Indeed, many wedding gowns utilize the overbust corset as a bodice, with a long, flowing skirt. Take this sweet look out on the town by wearing it with a shorter, less formal skirt.

2. The under-buster Corset

They begin right under the breasts and end at the beginning of your lap. They can be worn as supportive undergarments or as a fashion accessory over the clothes. This one can go with almost everything. They provide an hourglass shape but do not offer support for the bossoms.


3. Bustiers

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Compared to traditional underbust or overbust corsets, bustiers much more gently lift the breasts and shape the waist. These are often worn under the clothes for an alluring lingerie look, but these days, they can be worn in a variety of everyday or evening settings. Wear them under a blazer, a leather jacket, or with a pair of jeans or skirt for a sexy, edgy look.

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