‘A Den of thieves!’ Boniface Mwangi Brutally Trolls Raila, Uhuru and Ruto on National Prayer day

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Activist and Former Starehe Aspirant Boniface Mwangi has strongly opposed the ongoing National prayer meeting that was held at Safari park Hotel on Thursday.

According to Activist Mwangi,  while posting on his social media compared the prayer meeting to a scam where he compared the three top leaders in the country, President Kenyatta, DP Ruto and AU Envoy Raila Odinga to thieves who are stealing public funds in the name of the Lord.

“Stealing, stealing, stealing Stealing in the name of the Lord My father’s house of worship Has become a den of thieves, Stealing in the name of the Lord

Mwangi’s criticism came at a very important day when President Kenyatta led the country in the annual National prayer meeting. The 2019 Prayer Breakfast saw leaders and other dignitaries including the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir grace the Occasion.

The annual prayer event is not a preserve of Christians, Muslims or Hindus but for the Nation. The main motive is to ensure men and women men in leadership owe their privileges and responsibilities before God.

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As the nation prepares for the event, the history behind its establishment paints a picture of a function that has stood the test of time not only in Kenya but also in the US.

The 2019 event also happened at a time when political figures have been banned from attending church fundraising with Deputy President William Ruto being the talk of the town for his numerous church donations.

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To address the issue the DP noted that he does not just go to church for the sake of it, sometimes shed tears and make contributions because he can; it is because he cannot forget where God has brought him from.


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