Why Drinking Gin Will Cure Your Malaria

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Some time back it was said that drinking alcohol is good for your health because it cures diseases, well it is true to some extent however it doesn’t apply to all alcoholic drinks.

The only alcoholic drinks that can cure malaria are Gin and tonics, let us explain how.

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Gin came from the Indian community,  the days when white and indians were not permitted eat together in the same restaurant, coloured people were given their curry from the back entrances of restaurants and sometimes, through the windows.\

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But since the chapati they served the curry in, always disintegrated, they found that it was easier to serve the curry in hollowed out bread loaves.

So during the British Empire’s rule over India, they couldn’t deal with the mosquitoes and they suffered from malaria. As a result, a Scottish doctor, George Cleghorn discovered that quinine could be used to treat malaria.

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Quinine is what gives tonic water its bitterness. The soldiers could not get used to the taste and so they took to adding gin to make it a more palatable drink and voila- gin & tonic was born.

But beware- having gin & tonic will not help you with malaria prevention as there is not much quinine used in tonics like in the 18th and 19th centuries. You will still need to take your malaria medication.

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