Memorable Gift Ideas For A Mom To Be

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So we have established how we could throw a unique baby shower, stepping out of the boring traditional ways of Kenyan baby shower practices, now we can go out of our way of doing the ‘normal gifts’ of a baby shower.

Before we visit the ‘out of the ordinary’ gift ideas lets review what people bring in the ordinary showers. These include baby clothes, diapers, breast pumps, pacifiers, carriers, brand gift hampers, bibbs, baby bag, baby products, thermometers, baby wipes, macintosh sheets, breastfeeding pillows, feeding bottles among others.

These gifts are good and useful to the baby as well as the mom, now what if the mom to already have all this stuff? or what if everyone buys the same thing? Infants grow really fast and some of the gifts brought may end up not being used because of duplication. That’s why we need to think outside the box.

Here are some unique baby shower gifts you can give to a mom-to-be

1. What the mom-to-be needs

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It’s a common thing in Kenya that a baby shower is thrown by friends and family of the mom-to-be so a lot of contribution is involved and many times people contribute more than anticipated. With a large amount of money, it is a good thing to make an impact in the gift you give your friend/family.

You may go behind the mom-to-be and inquire from her husband what they need instead of just duplicating what they already have because in most cases soon to be parents start buying things immediately they know they are pregnant.

So most likely things like basins, towels, feeding bottles and nappy liners are already purchased so buying things like those will just be added to the things the may not use. Babies grow fast, you know. So just ask what they need so that you give it priority.


2.  Newborn Photoshoot

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Many couples of these days will focus on the baby bump photo shoot and forget about having a photoshoot for the one being celebrated.

Well, we cannot say forgetting but some it could be because of the priority responsibility that comes after the new family member arrives.

This will be a gift they will remember for the rest of their lives, a gift that even when the baby will appreciate when it grows up.


3. A house assistant

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You know how hard it is to get a house-help in Nairobi, especially when they know you have a child. Your team can up their game and book a professional house manager or nanny from a reputable establishment for about three to four months before the couple settles down.

You can bring in help after the parents’ leave days are over, this will ensure that the child’s first six-seven months are bliss. They will be deeply grateful for such an investment in their child’s life.


4. Meal Delivery  Services

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Make the new mum’s life easier by purchasing her online food order coupons for a week, or even a month. Those will come in handy on those days when she is too tired and burnt out to even live, let alone eat (there will be many such days).


5. Glam kit

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Who said mothers should not look nice? Because your girl will probably be too carried away with the baby duties, she might not have enough time to go make-up shopping. Best hook her up with that glam kit she has been gushing about for ages. It will come in handy on the days she decides to go all out and slay.


6. Spa time

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Baby shower gift ideas are not just about the baby, the mama needs her own gifts too! Remember, the mum will be in a better place to take care of the little one if she is well-taken care of too. With all that running around and lacking sleep that awaits her, a spa session is one of the most perfect gifts you can give her. She can set some time aside to go for the session when she feels its convenient.

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