Jose Chameleone Brutally Trolls Dictator Museveni as He Joins People Power

Jose Chameleone begs president Museveni forgive Bobi Wine

Celebrated Uganda musician Jose Chameleone is the latest high profile person to join The People Power Movement. People power is led by firebrand politician Bobi Wine, who has declared his interest in the Presidency in 2021.

Chameleone who was previously a member of Dictator Museveni’s NRM Party revealed that he was only in the ruling party because he wanted campaign money.

The musician who has declared interest in being the Lord Mayor of Kampala City in the next elections, revealed that he was the only fighter who had been left behind but he is now ready to work with Bobi Wine, the self-proclaimed Ghetto President.

The musician was speaking at the Reunion meeting of the Democratic Party (DP) which was held at Kakindu Stadium in Jinja District in eastern Uganda on Wednesday.DP is one of the Parties in People Power and Bobi Wine attended the meeting.

There have been signs that Chameleone was ready to work with Bobi Wine. In August last year, in the aftermath of Bobi Wine’s arrest and brutal torture by the police, Chameleone wrote an open letter to Museveni, asking him to forgive the Kyadondo East MP.

In a post shared on his social media pages, Chameleone asked the president to be a symbol of forgiveness to the nation.

Chameleone also visited Bobi Wine in hospital after his release and shared a moving tribute on social media.

“God hears prayers.
With all that i know you are going through, I was so happy to visit and see how you are doing health wise.

A lot of people might not understand My relationship with you in such a time but am glad you know how far and deep we come through as young boys who have later become Fathers and Men of honour. I from the beginning got concerned about you and your family and am still praying that the Good lord puts his healing hand on you.
If we share times of joy it’s same in pain.

Some people have warned that Museveni could be using Chameleone to destroy the People Power Movement. Nothing else explains the sudden change. Bobi Wine’s followers have warned him to beware of his fellow musician, because he could be a Chameleon just like his name.

“Aaaaaah pipo power should be careful, chameleon is not trusted.” Musana Augustine said on social media.



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