Chelsea Players Living the Life in Baku Ahead of Europa League Final!

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Chelsea has one more obstacle in their way before clinching the highly coveted Europa League trophy this Wednesday night.

Indeed, the Chelsea board have ensured that the players get the best of Baku, having been checked in at the prestigious Four Seasons in Baku.

 The outside of the hotel

The Azerbaijani capital is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and Chelsea players are being given the opportunity to sample its highlife in all its splendor.

The prices of hotel rooms are staggering in Baku. And many of the Chelsea fans have complained that they are unable to make the expensive trip.

 Plenty of space for the players to iron their suits

The basic rate for a city view room is as little as £220 per night for a typical weekend in August.

However, the price up goes to £850 for the plushest two-bedroom suite the venue has to offer.

 Will the players party into the night or drown their sorrows in this bar?

The Four Seasons in Baku has 171 rooms, many of which overlook the Caspian Sea.

 A palatial swimming pool inside the hotel

After settling in overnight, the squad is expected to train at Baku’s Olympic Stadium on Tuesday evening.

The hotel is rated No1 of 187 hotels in Baku on TripAdvisor.

 Marble floors give a classy feel

At the time of writing, it had received 688 reviews, and 593 are Five Stars, with only three giving it One Star.


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