Believe it or Not, Guinness is actually good for your Pregnancy


The number one rule when it comes to pregnancy is DO NOT Consume any alcohol whatsoever throughout the whole pregnancy. However. what if I told you that in the past doctors used to recommend drinking guinness during pregnancy for a healthier baby?

You read right, doctors recommended that pregnant women should drink a bottle of Guinness as a source of a highly required mineral for the body.

According to research, a glass of nicely brewed Guinness is considered a source of iron for preggo women. This will not only assist in fetal growth but also boost the mother and child’s immune system.


However, Guinness is still considered the heaviest in lager and malt and you know, alcohol is not good for the baby.

While you seek to prevent anemia, it could lead to an irreversible condition known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome that could cause serious damage to the child.


This spells deformity, issues with joints, heart problems, underweight, memory loss and poor coordination and autism.

For non-preggo people, Guinness can help reduce your blood clots which reduces your chances for getting a heart attack.

For your baby’s sake, try a year of sobriety before their birth by taking supplements and eating a balanced diet.


Not feeling this vibe? Well, a glass of wine once in a while will not affect your baby BUT only AFTER the first trimester.

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