Mutyambai gives new orders after cartels involved in cattle rusting exposed

Image result for Hillary MutyambaiA week after inspector general of police Hillary Mutyambai deployed a contingent of GSU, ASTU, and RDU officers to support the Rift Valley security team as a precursor to stiff measures to curb the further escalation of the cattle rustling and inter-communal strife in the area, the ministry has said that anyone found in possession of an unregistered firearm will be treated as a combatant following the deadline of registration and mandatory digitization of all firearms in the hands of civilians.

In a statement to the newsrooms, the AG noted that the rapid increase of unregistered firearms in the hands of police reservists in the northern part of Kenya has risen and unabated over the last 50 years.

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Mutyambai says that unregistered guns in the hands of police reservist can and have been easily used for criminal activity and it is much harder for security agencies to trace such activity when gun owners cannot be identified.

The ministry has therefore called all police reservist to submit themselves to the verification and registration process which will involve, ballistic analysis by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, biometric registration, labelling of weapons, shooting practice among others.

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The government roled out the vetting of gun owners to eliminate guns in the wrong hands.

The government says that it has embarked on training and re-registering of the guns in the hands of the reservists in the entire country, ensuring guns are in the hands of well trained and qualified persons.
The vetting exercise will help in weeding out reservists who might be compromised and those advanced in age.
The disarming of police reservists will immediately take priority in the North Rift which has recently experienced a spike of artificial criminal and politically instigated inter-communal tensions.

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The team sent to comb the rift valley has confirmed the presence of a ring of cartels involved incattle rustling, for selfish economic gain, and who sometimes use unregistered KPR ammunitions to intimidate, maim, and even kill
innocent victims.

The AG has further urged politicians and other leaders, specifically those from the North Rift communities to exercise sobriety and encourage their constituents to engage in constructive social economic activities; as well as peaceful coexistence and neighbourliness, as a better option to strife which ends up leaving communities more vulnerable and despondent.

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In the ongoing registration of civilian firearm holders, the government has recorded the recovery of 24,000 rounds of ammunition. In addition, 90,000 rounds of ammunition have been recovered from NPR’s.
It remains the constitutional mandate of the Police to protect members of our communities and their properties. We therefore wish to ask for cooperation amongst members of the general public during this exercise.


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