Job Seeking APP launched by Centum, Takes Kenyan Youth by Storm

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There was a time in this country that job seeking was literary walking from one office to the other with your curriculum vitae enclosed in a large brown envelope and dropping it on a secretary’s desk.

You could tell whom a seeker was because they looked tired and hungry with white chaffed lips. Their shoes was the signature mark; worn out at one end in the heels. Things changed when the internet came. We started sending emails and it became the standard norm of sending out CVS’s to our prospective employers.

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Then came the online communities like Facebook and Linked-In; and then brightermonday stayed for a while. Who uses brighter Monday? I would like to hear a testimonial form anyone who has used brightermonday.

Centum Investment Limited has introduced a job app in Kenya that seeks to link young people directly with employers or people looking for expert services. The Ajiry app is designed to help workers and employers to network effortlessly without middle-men.

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Director Chris Kirubi said the software will source for contractual, short-term, casual or one-off jobs. “Once an individual has downloaded this application, workers will cast a wide net in their search for job opportunities and in turn further formalize the informal industry,” said Mr Kirubi.

The launch of the application comes at a time the rate of unemployment among the youth is high. Kirubi encouraged the youth to take advantage of the Ajiry application, which he said would provide vast opportunities and help bridge the unemployment gap.

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“Employment opportunities for the youth are endless via the new Progressive Web Application,” he said. “We need to train our children to be practical and how to use their skills and talent. For the first time, the government and other institutions are catching up. It is not all about passing exams, it’s about the skills and talents they have.”

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Mr James Mworia, the Executive Director at Centum Investment Limited added that the youth should not necessarily focus on the monetary impact but concentrate to gain experience which will eventually lead them to become billionaires.

“I will urge the young people not to mind the dues they receive while starting off on a job but should focus more on sharpening their skills which will, in turn, make them be billionaires,” he said during a panel discussion.

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Ajiry has been built around a Progressive Web App model which allows users to use less personal phone/Wi-Fi data bundles and less storage on their devices.

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This means one does not need to download it as an application and can be searched on the web at no cost. However, different companies seeking employees will be charged Ksh400 by Centum Investment Limited that will help prevent cases of fraud.

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