ISSA LIE: Biggest Misconceptions about the Female Reproductive System that will leave you in Awe

Men really don’t know what they are talking about whe it comes to the female reproductive system…unless they happen to be doctors or have studied in that area.

The truth though is that most women, like the men, also don’t know much to do with our Vaginas and more.

The misconceptions that floats around is way too much! From weird smells to the idea that your pussy should look a certain way, there are many things that we believe about our vaginas that are just not true.

Anatomy; vagina

We believe the vagina has three main parts. No it does not. The reality is that it is only ONE main part. Obviously there are other things going on: perineum, pubis, urethra, labia, and clitoris—the external part is called vulva.

Vagina guards your reproductive parts, its acidic keeping harmful bacteria at bay. It is shaped inside you like a three-to four-inch-long tube sock, it can expand lengthwise (up to six inches) and widthwise (up to five inches) during sex or childbirth.


Elasticity vagina gif

Vaginas widen with arousal. Some vaginas are wide set. Some vaginas are built smaller. The myth that your vagina will loosen the more sex you have is just that, a myth. The vagina is ridiculously elastic and it always goes back to its resting state which is naturally tight.

Due to vaginal childbirth, yes, the vagina will stretch but it will go back to tightness when you do Kegel exercises.

Just like a penis, vaginas vary in sizes.


Re-virginised vagina gif

No, your vagina will not go back to same state as you were before you started being sexually active just because you decided to stay off sex for a long time!

While the area might get a little tight due to it being tensed after a while, it doesn’t go back to that of a virgin.


Vaginas are dirty vagina

First, if you douche, stop douching!  Douching will disrupt your vagina’s pH and might cause irritation and burns.

Vaginas are self-cleaning they do this through vaginal discharge, which washes out the old cells and bacteria just hanging out up there. It is actually suggested that you let your vagina clean itself, as things like douching or scented soaps can offset the natural, balanced ecology of the vagina which will in turn contribute to recurrent yeast and bacterial infections.

Instead gently rinsing with warm water should do the trick.

Smell; vagina

Vaginas should stink!

Well, your vagina will not smell of lavender and vanilla, but it will have a scent. It has its own unique scent and taste. It will, however, not smell like flowers or taste like fruit. But you can eat pineapples, cranberries or even yogurt to improve the taste.

If it smells funky though-a different type of scent, see the gynecologist.

Shape; vagina shapes

Like any other organ in your body, your vagina/vulva can change shape depending on state and condition and age.

At pre-puberty, your vagina in small and tight, your labia minora are almost not present at all, and the tissue is pink and sometimes dry. When puberty hits, lubrication and secretions start, and the vagina grows just like the rest of you. When you venture in the sex world, your hymen tissue becomes disrupted and you can see lumpy bumpy tissue just inside the vaginal opening. During pregnancy and later, your labia darkens, the vagina can be more stretched out and dilated, the perineum can be weaker, and the vagina more relaxed.

And we all have different shaped vulvas.

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