How to keep your Natural Tresses on Fleek when Swimming

Swimming haircare

As much as the cold season is here, people still go for swimming for leisure purposes, aside from the fact that its sports season in most if not all schools..which is ironic, but that’s beside

If swimming is also on your checklist this weekend, we know you are wondering how you are going to protect your hair from chlorine damage. We’ve compiled tips to keep your strands intact.

Here Are 4 Tips To Protect Your Hair While Swimming:
1.  Wet That Hair Sis!

Before getting into the pool ensure that you wet your hair. This ensures that the chlorine or salt absorbed into your hair is minimized as much as possible.

2.  Use A Protectant.

A protectant or oil, especially coconut oil, will help in moisturizing your strands and minimise absorption of chlorine.  Let’s protect our strands.

3. Wear A Protective Style.

There is nothing as annoying as hair tangling. It can be really painful and tedious to untangle natural hair. To prevent this, ensure that you have a protective style like bantu knots or twists to avoid tangling.

4. Wash And Condition After Swim.

Now that you are done swimming, ensure that you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep conditioner. This removes the chlorine out and ensures that your hair is still protected.

Do you follow these tips when going swimming? Let us know in the comments below.

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