Baba ni Baba,’ Citizen TV’s Swaleh Mdoe mourns dad

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It is a sad moment for Citizen TV anchor, Swaleh Mdoe after losing his dad, Ali Buki who died after battling throat cancer for a while.

Before his demise Mdoe reveals that is father was living with his sister.

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He has been sick for sometime. He had been residing in Mombasa where he was with his family before he was moved to Malindi where the elder sister resides.

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For the past one month he has been in Malindi and on Tuesday this week he was discharged from Malindi hospital.

Today at around 12:40 I was called by my aunt to inform me that my dad had passed away. 

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This week, he was discharged from Malindi hospital but was under medication.

The burial will be in Malindi.

I will remember him as my father, baba ni baba. 

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