Kama unaogopa Ruto niachie mimi, Atwoli tells Uhuru ( VIDEO)

COTU Secretary General Dr Francis Atwoli has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to issue a directive stopping early political campaigns ahead of 2022 Presidential succession battle.

Atwoli who was  speaking in Kisumu on Saturday said the early campaigns has put the country in an election mood at the expense of development. He also urged the head of state not to relent on war against corruption.

Atwoli further urged President  Kenyatta not to be afraid of exercising his powers against his deputy Dr William Ruto.

Atwoli claimed that Ruto and his aides had defied the president as they were still engaging in early campaigns despite being asked to stop.

He also urged Uhuru to let him handle Ruto if dealing with him had proven to be an uphill task.

“Kama ameogopa deputy yake aniachie….” said Atwoli.

“President Uhuru should not be a coward. He can issue a presidential directive and stop all early campaigns in the country.”

“However, if he is afraid of his deputy, he should hand him over to me,” stated Atwoli.

He says the money being used in early campaigns is public money.

“The money that is being used in these early campaigns is public money! You’ll find the police there and government vehicles yet the election date has not been set,” he added.

A few months ago, Atwoli while presiding over a fund raising event in Lamu claimed that the name of the DP will not be on the presidential ballot come 2022, remarks that sparked a war between him and DP’s allies which seem not to have ended yet.

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