Lies,Fake stories and threats that have clouded Huduma Namba registration

Huduma Namba roll out has been clouded with a number of speculations that have instilled fear to many Kenyans forcing them to bow to it.

The Communications Authority Director  General  Francis  Wangusi put Kenyans on notice over the importance of the  National Integrated  Management Systems (NIIMS), saying there will be dire consequences if they don’t register.

Among the punitive measures, he said will be the inability to use one’s mobile phones, access to MPesa  Service, Airtel Money, and ATM withdrawals.

The state house and ICT Ministry came out to rubbish the claims of blocking sim cards terming the exercise as pure voluntary.

A post published on Facebook and shared over 190 times claiming that President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned that those who will not have acquired the Huduma Namba after the Sunday May 18 deadline will be deported was termed as a HOAX.

In March 2019, State House announced the temporary suspension all of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s social media accounts after unauthorized individuals gained access to them.

A University of Nairobi IT student, Enock Ovitah alias Jakuo was allegedly arrested with a felony count of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a law that prevents and prosecutes malicious hacking.

Enock Ovitah was accused of committing the usual crime of hackers who break into computer systems and routinely deleted files of the ongoing Huduma Namba exercise.

The information was rubbished by the government claiming all the Huduma Files are intact.

At some point the parents were accused of being agents of the government as most children claimed to have been lured into Huduma Namba registration by their parents.

The whole process has been clouded by rumors that have forced many Kenyans to register blindly.

Due to public demand the President extended the registration exercise but the turn out registered being low.

In a new twist, The Government announced that some people will be required to do fresh registration of Huduma Namba.


The Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna stated that those who gave information that is not true will be called and required to be registered a fresh.

The mass registration ends today with the government expected to give the final figure. 36 million had already registered for Huduma Namba as by the start of the week.

The process is expected to continue with Kenyans who have registered expected to visit the nearest Assistant Chief to be registered.

What is the lie, fake story or threat that made you register for Huduma Namba?


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