Huddah Monroe saves herself from Kenyans’ wrath

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Kenyan  socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe has come out to defend her  insensitive remarks  about her mother land Kenya.

 Huddah is known for always taking to the extreme with her actions,says she is responsible for what she write and post on her social media.
“What’s up? 🥰 I am responsible for what I write & post but I’m not responsible for what you choose to understand….. 😌 “she wrote.


 Her sentiments comes after the boss chick said that Kenya is not a good place to live in since it’s like a sea full of sharks and they all smell blood.

She went on to say that “When you are outside Kenya looking in, you just realize you used to live in a jungle”.

Her comments angered  Kenyans who rained on her with harsh clap backs.

Some years back, the boss lady faced Kenyans wrath following her insensitive  comments about NASA followers who were protesting after the general elections.












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