Wachana na watu wa jaba, a drunk person and a stranger,combo moto sana

“Look here my friend, listen to me!” he uttered with the whiskey he just took a while ago clearly distinct in his breathe. I being the only audience he had since my friends had slithered out of this conversation even before it started and I was the one taking one for the team.

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“Me I have a wife, I have a wife and two kids whom I love so so much and I have taken them to good schools. But my wife is a pain in my @ss , she never wants me to drink or do anything and she was a good woman before. Wanjiru’s are all mad women, never date one hic! I do not want to cheat on her but am now cheating on her because of her,” he said as he looked at me for affirmation and I was at first clearly lost as at first, I did not know this man who was here busy pouring out his marital problems to me, a guy who is in his mid-20’s busy planting firm the idea that I should not marry.

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“My guy, I am telling you this for free……” he was quickly cut off by my friends who knew I needed a well save as he started fist-bumping us telling us tutaongea me am wondering which time is this tutaongea because I was not planning to meet this guy anywhere in the near future and this got me thinking why do people overshare with strangers.

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Then it hit me good while I was in the cab that when I broke up with my ex, I was pouring either knowledge or utter nonsense in regards to what I was going through at the moment and they sat there as good audience and once in a while they would receive a shove to affirm they are paying attention.

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The sad truth is you will never know, neither will I tell you because I am a victim and perpetrator of the said crime of the drunk storyteller and advice giver that everyone doesn’t want to find at the local bar or hangout joint marauding looking for potential prey to tell their sad story.

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