The Silly Mistakes That Will See You Line Up For the Huduma Namba Again

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Thousands of Kenyans who have registered for Huduma Namba may be forced to repeat the exercise. In his second media briefing yesterday, Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said some Kenyans, who turned up for last-minute registration could have missed important details.

He said those who may have accidentally given wrong information would be contacted after the end of the mass registration exercise tomorrow to correct them.

Last Friday, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced extension of the registration because millions of Kenyans were yet to be listed.

“Huduma Namba mass registration is coming to a close tomorrow after the one-week extension. Data cleaning will start immediately after the end of the mass exercise for four months. Any irregularities identified during the clean-up will demand that the affected individuals register afresh,” Oguna said.

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He said the government urges those who have not registered to take advantage of the remaining hours and register since the exercise will not be extended.

“We are urging Kenyans who are yet to register for Huduma Namba to rush and beat tomorrow’s deadline. There will be no more extensions,” he added. Oguna said officers going through the register have already detected anomalies in entered data.

“You may have registered, but if in the process of cleaning data you are found to have either given the wrong national identification (ID) number or the wrong birth certificate number. We will contact you to go and register afresh,” he said.

Those who will be asked to register afresh and those who will be locked out by the deadline will seek the services at their respective assistant chief’s office.

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“After tomorrow, the registration will be conducted by assistant chiefs,” he said. In a statement to newsrooms last Friday evening, Uhuru expressed concern over the last-minute rush to register.

“It brings to the fore an ingrained last-minute rush habit that holds us back. Nevertheless, Kenyans are determined to register for Huduma Namba and I have obliged to the numerous requests to give them an opportunity to do so,” he said.

The exercise ends tomorrow at 6pm. However, for Kenyans in the diaspora, Huduma Namba mass registration will continue until June 20.

Uhuru on Friday said 42,000 “young” Kenyans are working as registration assistants, 8,000 as registration officers and 400 as ICT officers in all sub-counties.

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Elsewhere, ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru said the number of people who have registered for Huduma Namba had risen from 35 million to 38 million. The government has expressed optimism that the number will reach 40 million.

According to Mucheru, the exercise has been successful following the presidential directive to extend it by a week.

He said although the registration was optional, it would not be extended once the set deadline expires on Saturday.

“We are glad that around 38 million people have registered and we are optimistic that we shall hit our target of 40 million Kenyans by the end of the exercise,” he said.

The CS spoke when the Ministry senior officials met the parliamentary committee on ICT at Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha.

He defended the registration exercise, saying once operational it would ease the cost and time of doing business for Kenyans.

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“The information collected will be digitised and one will not need the many documents required to perform different business or seek services in the country,” he said.

Mucheru said that the meeting with the committee was meant to update them on ongoing and upcoming ICT projects in the country. Committee chair William Kisang said the country was losing Sh50 billion yearly to cyber crime.

He termed the figure worrying and urged the ICT ministry to address the trend, adding that the operations of all other ministries and government agencies should be digitised.

“The Kenya Revenue Authority is losing a lot in terms of uncollected revenue and if the ICT ministry can intervene and make services digital then this can be resolved,” he said.

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