Most Enjoyable positions to Use when ‘Doing It’ with a Small-Mjulus guy


There have been many jokes about men with small D’s but what if you fall in love with a man who has one? Do you leave him? do you cheat on him? maybe you can leave him but instead of cheating, you can try these sex positions.

1. Bend over

If he has a small penis then it’s best to bend over also known as doggie style. This allows deep penetration for you and your partner. It will be fun and if you get tired you can kneel on a pillow.

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2. Lie on your stomach

Lie on the bed on your stomach with your feet squeezed tightly together. When you lie on your back allow him to enter from behind. Because your hips are in a position that’s more closed than open, there will be greater friction created on your vaginal walls,The tighter you squeeze your legs, the more friction and pleasure you’ll both feel.

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3. Reverse cowgirl 

It sounds complicated but it’s really not, it’s supposed to be fun. To maximize penetration, place a pillow under your hips. So as he is on the bed or floor and you should be sitting on him facing away. Why does this work? The extra elevation in your hips will make the experience feel deeper and better.

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4. Have your legs all the way up

Like all the way up because at the end of the day you want him to be deep inside you. If you need to do some stretches before just get into it because you need to stretch those legs out.

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Men with small D always feels the need to compensate for what they don’t have. So you can easily tell your man to try new things that will be fun for both of you.

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