Lustful Behaviors Kenyan Men should stop in Matatus

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Ladies, what is the weirdest (downright offensive) thing has a man ever done to you in the matatu? Being a Kenyan lady should be one of the greatest achievements of all time. Public transport in Kenya is generally hectic to a traveller. From loud music, rowdy touts to pickpockets.

If there is one country that appreciates matatu culture is Kenya but the passengers can be so annoying. On the downside, there are other offensive behaviours that men have and it’s important that they are highlighted. Comments on women’s bodies, suggestive sexual remarks are the most common forms of sexual harassment in Nairobi matatu routes.

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I don’t know if men are aware of the way they handle themselves in a matatu. Some are decent, and others are way off. The government should consider implementing laws that govern how passengers should carry themselves in a matatu. Here are a few rather offensive pointers that are common in Kenyan men;

Stretching your legs too far

Related imageYou see some men in these streets just don’t know how to seat well, or they just want to be perverts and stretch their long legs your way. It’s downright annoying. We don’t even know each other, so why should your legs be crossing over to my side? Men we understand that you sit with your legs apart but that should not be in a matatu. A matatu has specifically designed two seats and if you sit with your legs wide open, how do you expect your neighbor passenger to sit?

Sleeping on your shoulders

For some reason, a man would be honestly tired but leaning on a lady’s shoulder is a complete NO! it is selfish for a man to think a lady would be okay with carrying his weight.

Sneaky Elbow Poke

This one is hilarious. There are men who try sneak their way to holding a woman’s body. They do these by placing their elbow so close to the boobs, not bearing in mind that it could be very irritating. Whether they do it for their own fantasies or the fun of it, the action is bad and can be considered as harracsmnet to the lady.

The Lustful Stare

The thing with a matatu is more likely than ever you will seat with a complete stranger. We hardly choose who shall come seat with us. Another annoying behavior men have is giving a lustful stare at the women they sit next to.

And what’s worse, they do it so valiantly that you would think he was staring at a pile of gold before his eyes.



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