You are paying taxes to Government not Wanyama, He owes you nothing!

Who keeps telling or intoxicating Kenyans on this notion that if you live largely and happen to come from let’s say not in that well off of a community that you have to uplift that community.

That you have to improve infrastructure or build a school or hospital or some community welfare project which is aimed to improve the lives of those who live around there.

That since you are well off now they have this entitlement that since they live in the same street as you that they now have to make your life better, let me tell you, you may die out of shock because the sad truth is nobody owes you anything.

One lady on twitter decided to air out what Didier Drogba did for his community by building a hospital, a quality fully stocked hospital, but before we go deeper, let me tell you first, a facility like that may seem a good investment to the community but it will not be running on claps and ululations to maintain it but money, and where will this money come from if not from the person who built the infrastructure and if they ignore it the same community you were helping  turns on you.

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Victor Wanyama’s salary is said to be around Ksh.28 million shillings monthly, even if he decides to build a hospital and a school and roads and water structures, would you as a human ask yourself are you paying taxes to Wanyama or the Government.

Besides, whose work is it to improve the lives of its citizens, a well of person who has risen to the top over much sweat and toil or the Government that keeps siphoning more out of you every rising day?

Ask yourself that even as you go to the toilet to relieve yourself and you may just come out a new person.

Before you even start that rhetoric of yours of, you ought to be philanthropic to people if you are blessed, know this, it is not written anywhere on a stone that you owe anyone anything but yourself and family, those who raised you and supported you, period.

So if you live in a slum or middle-class community and own a big vehicle which people equate to wealth and the roads are bad, drive through and do not care a dime about the conditions, you are comfortable and owe no one anything.

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What I am saying is this entitlement of people that you owe them good things since you are well off should stop, you do not, and that should not make anyone not sleep well at night.

You are paying taxes in the billions and the Government should be accountable with your money and provide good infrastructure, roads, hospitals, schools, etc. and not you running your mouth about somebody’s salary and how he should use it.

Are you him? are you his foot? Is him you? Are you his bank account? Just stop it and bite hard on your government’s butt to get on its toes and deliver services to you as required.

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