Wedding bells! Akothee reveals she is getting married

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The single mothers’ president, Akothee, ha finally made up her mind that she will get married. Through her Instagram account, she revealed that she will be into marriage this year.

She said; “I am gonna get married this year, someone type AMEN or I block all of you now, of you dint type I know you ate jealous of my marriage.”

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This comes after she asked for advice from her fans on how she can settle down into marriage. She said; “SMALL GIRLS AND MARRIED PEOPLE DONT READ ITS NOT FOR YOU.

I am that woman who is always hungry to stay in her home, I don’t know what homes did to me, but truthfully, I am never comfortable in anyone’s home, I know I sound spoilt but please don’t follow my advice.

It’s just that I have been kicked out in peoples homes severally that I can’t call anyone’s house my house comfortably, even if I will do it! deep down I know the smile is fake not again whenever I was kicked out, even in a rented house, the only thing I walked away with was my children.

So tell me how I can convince myself to convince me to be a normal wife , live under a mans roof comfortably, or is it because I have options ?, please I am seriously serious, I want to settle down, but a few things are holding me back, I also give you advice so give me one too today or I block all of you.”

The mother of five has three baby daddies. She parted ways with the three and want to move on and settle with a perfect match. Her greatest fear is settling with a man since she is used to her own freedom and lifestyle.

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