Revealed: Why Kenya ranks among fastest internet countries in the world

Kenya, well ahead of every other African country has ranked top on ease of access to the Internet.

The survey carried out by InterNations, on its Digital Life Abroad Report, placed Kenya 31st globally, followed by South Africa (49th) and Morocco (58th).

Coming in 59th and 66th, respectively, Uganda and Egypt are among the ten worst countries in the world.

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“Ranking as the best African country, Kenya appears to offer a good digital life. Almost nine in ten expats there (89 percent) are happy with their unrestricted access to online services, which is nine percentage points above the global average (80 percent),” said the survey.

Kenya also surpassed the global average in making cashless payments.

“What is more, Kenya comes in fifth in the world for the ease of getting a local mobile phone number, just beaten by Myanmar, New Zealand, Israel, and Estonia. Close to every expat in the country (95 percent) says it is easy, compared to 86 percent globally.”

The positive digital rating for Kenya serves as a boost for its position as an expatriate destination.

This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attendance at the Rwanda Transform Africa Summit 2019, where he emphasised on the importance of moving the country towards the digital shift.

“We are encouraging the youth to be proactive and tap into the digital market through our Ajira programme that has seen many get online jobs,” he said.

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