Why Jesus didn’t include women among his 12 disciples? KOT respond

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The reason why Jesus had no female disciple is an aspect that can only be explained on a spiritual perspective.

According to the bible, Jesus had 12 male disciples symbolically for the sons of Jacob– 12 tribes of Israel.

A concerned online user on Wednesday posed this very mindboggling question that has generated unending and hilarious reactions with everyone trying to crack the riddle. Why did He pick a lady among the twelve disciples? Maybe you have an idea but KOT kept guessing.

Ranging from asking for bus fare and wasting time on make-ups, Netizens offered their crazy reasons on why there were no female disciples.

Here are some of the funny comments that revealed what Kenyan men think about the weaker generation–women:


According to the video below,  Jesus mandated the twelve disciples to go all over the world to make disciples of all nations.


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